About Us

1795857_674120172627101_228971728_oBare Farms was established in 1936 by Sterl H. Bare and  Lucille Beals. Sterl H Bare was a veteran of WWI and spent the rest of his life farming this land. Originally from a homestead in Blunt, South Dakota they raised cattle, farmed hay and misc crops until the dust bowl eventually drove them out of South Dakota where they sold everything off, loaded up a truck and headed out West. Mr & Mrs Bare came to Oregon to start anew and raise their three children in the beautiful Coastal Range of Oregon.

For 4 generations the entire family has worked endless days and hours preserving what each generation worked so hard to build. Horses and Cattle have been a family passion for many years. Breeding top quality quarter horse and building a beautiful herd of Hereford cattle. Through the generations the hardworking farmers have been full-time loggers, wood mill workers, veterans of WWI and WWII, Mayors of this town, and administrative workers all while building this farm and harvesting the land.

Bare Farms is now operated by the  4th generation of Bare family  farmers. We are striving to preserve the family legacy and to bring new life to this 396 acre farm. Our goal is to make the family passions a reality by growing natural fruits and vegetables and sharing it with our community and beyond. We strive to provide beautiful produce and plant starts without using harmful pesticides or toxic sprays. Our hereford cattle are a closed herd and are not hormonally injected living off the feed from the land and the hay that is cut from our fields. A farm is always a project under way and we are always working to improve our methods and the way we use this land. We welcome you and your family to come out for a scheduled farm tour or simply purchase some of our delicious produce. Our goal is to share what our family and the good Lord has provided us to all who wish to see. We hope to see you and your family in the future and hope we can provide you with wonderful fresh products for you to enjoy. Thank you for supporting us, our family legacy and hard working Americans.

The Bare and Baller Families