2012-05-08_17-25-09_872Our hereford cattle are a closed herd. Nestled up at the top of the property our cows are free to graze in their 100 acres of grass land. In the Winter months our cattle are fed with the hay farmed from our fields in the summer months. Our cattle are not injected with hormones. USDA BEEF NOW AVAILABLE IN INDIVDUAL PACKAGES. All Beef processed USDA through Carlton Meat Packing


Beef available by the cut in the produce stand freezers. Don't see your cut? Give us a call we probably have it!!
Beef Tenderloin Steaks $18.83
Porterhouse Steak $13.06
T-Bone Steak $12.06
Boneless Rib Eye $16.33
New York Steak $11.63
Cowboy Steak $17.33
Beef Top Sirloin $8.89
Top Round Steak $5.94
Tri-Tips $8.34
Beef Cubed Steak $6.24
Flank Steak $8.34
Boneless Stew Meat (Brisket) $6.19
Lean Beef Cubes $5.39
Chuck Roast $4.26
Beef Brisket $4.89
Boneless Round Roast $6.49
PrimeRib Roast $10.24
Beef Chuck Short Ribs $5.64
Lean Ground Beef $5.55
Ground Beef Patties $5.85
Beef Back Ribs $2.84
Beef Heart $2.09
Beef Tongue $5.59
Beef Heads w/tongue $50.00
Beef Liver $2.09
Beef Kidneys $1.69
Beef Brains $4.39
Available Year Round Pricing Sheets Available in the Produce Stand.