A white free range chicken.Our chickens are free range chickens. We incubate our eggs in the early Spring, we have chicks available March – May. Special orders for baby chicks may be done for large quantities. Call for details. They are kept indoors until they have reached a mature enough age to be introduced into their hen house. We gather our farm fresh eggs daily and they are truly delicious. $4.00/dozen.


Eggs from Heritage Hens

$4.00/ dozen
Available year round at the farm stand: 38505 SW Tindle Creek Rd Willamina, OR 97396

Heritage Chicken’s

$3.50/ lb hanging weight. We have whole chickens as well as pieces. We use Mineral Spring Poultry located just off the Salmon River Highway. Please visit their web page for more information:

These are chickens our forefathers would have eaten. No growth hormones used on our chickens. Just plain ol delicious chicken!!! These are best prepared by either boiling, baking, or slow cooked in a crock pot.